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For centuries whips of any kind have been part of the human culture in almost every country. Whips were tools for daily use. They were a symbol of power, and sometimes an instrument of suppression. Whips can be found throughout the world. Each region developed its preferred style, varying from simple makeshift whips to pieces of art. Whips are more than just noisemakers. They are artwork. They are a part of history. They are worth to be preserved and collected.
This online whip exhibition provides information about whip types, their origins and history as well as hints for the collector and the sports whipcracker.

Please note: WorldWideWhips is a private, non-commercial website. It is no online shop, the whips are not for sale.

Drop me an email at (English or German please) if you have questions regarding whips, whip history, whip collecting etc. No "cowboy talk" necessary.